An amazing way to start off the New Year is immersing yourself in the bliss of Santiago and the arts and entertainment culture of the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

The renowned festival kicks off the year with 11 days of the finest cinema from around the globe, and treats visitors to films from 60 countries with a total of 54 premieres. The 27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival kicks off on New Year’s day and promises to delight the senses of any film fan.

With movies featuring well-known celebrities like Benicio del Toro, Jesse Eisenberg, Sally Field, Jennifer
Jason Leigh, Isabella Rossellini, Tim Robbins, Emma Roberts, Tim Roth, Maggie Smith and many more, festival goers are certain to be wowed by incredible acting talent, and new rising stars and up-and-coming directors from around the world.

Festival Director Darryl Macdonald states, “The line-up this year, while full of unexpected surprises, vividly reflects what is going on in the world around us. There’s a particular focus on stories about displaced people – immigrants, emigrants, refugees, those seeking asylum or shelter. There’s a concurrent trend toward stories revolving around new beginnings and escaping the shackles of the past, whether sexual, cultural, societal or self-imposed. All in all, it’s about as well-rounded, as thoughtfully chosen, and as provocative as it’s possible for a smartly curated lineup of new international cinema to be.”

Festival Artistic Director Helen du Toit adds “The range of approaches is extraordinary. Highlights include Raam Reddy’s Thithi (India), which skillfully juggles myriad characters in a delightful low key comedy; Yorgos Zois’ Interruption (Greece), which challenges the audience with a complex and highly compelling narrative; and Maris Curran’s Five Nights in Maine (USA), featuring David Oyelowo’s nuanced and heartbreaking performance as a widower reconnecting with his estranged mother-in-law.”

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