The Art of Santiago – The Lobby Photo

During the renovation of Santiago, the resort’s design team took great care in selecting the art that is displayed at your Boutique Oasis.  On occasion, Santiago Stories will provide you with backgrounds of the pieces you see throughout the hotel and explanations of the art program choices.

The photo that hangs in the hotel lobby was selected as part of the Modern Ranchero style that became the design focus for the renovation of the resort. The black and white image is a still from the movie The Return of the Seven and features seven sharpshooters who protect a Mexican Village from a deranged rancher.

The movie, also called Return of the Magnificent Seven, is the first sequel to the very popular western, The Magnificent Seven, which is currently being remade for release in the fall of 2016. Featured in the center of the photo is Yul Brynner, who was the only cast member from the original movie to return for the sequel.