Ask a Local: Wil Stiles

Ask a Local: Wil Stiles

Periodically, we share top secrets from local Palm Springs “men in the know.” After you check into Santiago you’ll want to check out a few of these great spots!

A Minneapolis native, Wil Stiles fell in love with both the natural beauty and the mid-century architecture of Palm Springs back in 2003 and soon started planning his escape from the cold. He opened his eponymous Wil Stiles clothing boutique in the Uptown Design District several years later and has never regretted making the desert his home.

Favorite Palm Springs event

McCormick’s Classic Car Auction is not to be missed! Where else can you bid on a ’67 Firebird convertible while drinking a Jameson served to you by a friendly Palm Springs Jaycee?

Favorite nearby adventure

At least once each summer, we take the aerial tram and hike to the summit of Mount San Jacinto. Even when it’s 110 degrees in Palm Springs, you may be rewarded with enough snow to make snow angels!

What’s your favorite, most unusual attraction in Palm Springs?

Robolights, Kenny Irwin’s annual holiday art installation and light display, is a true spectacle to behold. I recommend going before dinner so you have time to discuss the awesome creative weirdness in Kenny’s head. It generally starts at   Thanksgiving and runs through the first week of January.

Where do you enjoy going for a cocktail?

Anywhere and everywhere! Melvyn's makes a serious classic martini. And the Tonga Hut certainly has mastered the art of the tiki drink.

What’s your favorite early evening hangout?

Birba has a great patio for enjoying the last minutes of sunshine with fresh pizzas and salads. Owner Tara Lazar does a great job with locally sourced ingredients.

What do you think is the best kept secret in Palm Springs?

The Rooster & The Pig restaurant, although it’s not so secret after a successful first year. Very inspired Vietnamese-American cuisine that’s fresh and reasonably priced.

How do you spend your day of?

Hiking the South Lykken Trail or riding my bicycle to the Palm Springs Skate Park.

Where do you shop for clothes other than your shop?

I have several early 1970s-era suits from Angel View Thrift Store in Palm Springs. One of the jackets even came with some vintage pharmaceuticals of unknown origin in the chest pocket!