Cocktail culture has long been a Palm Springs trademark but the current craft cocktail wave is taking it to a whole new level.  Will you choose a Mountaineer, a Bad Hombre or a Black Manhattan?  Each of these creations are current concoctions made by some hot new talent behind the bars of some great Palm Springs’ establishments.  Check out our very subjective list of the five best bars offering truly amazing craft cocktails.


A part of Palm Spring’s iconic F10 Creative group (Cheekies, Birba, Mr Lyons and now owners of Toucan’s!) Seymour’s is an intimate speakeasy located alongside Mr. Lyons. The décor harkens back to an older era with vintage furnishings and plush chairs. While their mixologists excel at the classics their original cocktails are anything but old style. Stop by and check out the Chamo Car (Chamomile Infused Cognac, Fresh Lemon Juice & Black Pepper Honey) or the Wait…what? Avocado? (Fords Gin, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Avocado & Mint).

Mini Bar at The Parker

True to its name, Mini Bar is a small, tucked away spot in the lobby of the Parker Hotel. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a unique cocktail and the eclectic surroundings of the Parker.  Be sure and try the Saffron Sky (Clase Azul Blanco, Grilled Pineapple, Campari, Lime, & Saffron Bitters).


Workshop Kitchen + Bar

One of the first bars in Palm Springs to have true mixologists, Workshop is not to be missed. Walk through the architecturally award-winning restaurant to find the bar. Their signature cocktails change seasonally but the bartenders are very accommodating. If one of the four Classics (like the French 75 or the Brown Derby) or the four Originals (Ancho Libre is our favorite) doesn’t fit your style – just throw them a theme and they will whip up a new creation.


Truss and Twine

You can’t go wrong at this centrally located Uptown/Design District cocktail bar. Our waiter Johnny was quick with suggestions – and always on the mark. Cocktails are categorized by time period (including Gimlets from the “Golden Age” and a Surfer on Acid from the “Dark Ages,” otherwise known as the end of the 20th century) along with some interesting originals like the Game Changer mixed up with gin, onion brine, and celery bitters.


Paul Bar

Just opening this Summer, Paul Bar is sure to become a mainstay. What appears to be a hole in the wall will surprise you. Enter into what feels like a speakeasy in Manhattan of yesteryear, featuring a beautiful “old timey” bar and buttoned-up mixologists ready to awaken your spirit senses.  The bar is always under the supervision of Paul – a New York transplant with a lot of talent and a lot to say. From the bourbon-based Frozen Sidecar to the herbaceous and gin-based Horticultural we found all the cocktails refreshing and satisfying. Now it’s time for you to find yours!