Cacti at the Cacterium

This month we’re telling you about one of our favorite desert gardens named Moorten Botanical, just a short bicycle ride away from Santiago.  Started more than 70 years ago, some of the cactus plants there have grown to be enormous! One of the most unique experiences in Palm Springs, this place has to be seen to be believed. Check out more about Moorten and a few of our other favorite desert gardens on our blog.  And by the way, Santiago is planning a few additions to our own Cacterium.  Watch for some very exciting plant additions over the coming months!

Moorten Botanical Garden

Established in 1938, this privately-owned Cacterium amazes visitors with extraordinary varieties of desert and arid loving plants. The featured desert trees, plants, and cacti come from around the world and range in size from miniature to giants!  This classic collection is comprised of more than 3000 varieties of plants displayed along a nature trail like you’ve never seen before.  One of our favorite places in Palm Springs.  Go!  You’ll be amazed!

The Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

Recently rated one of the top zoos in North America, The Living Zoo is also home to a massive botanical garden specializing in desert plants from around the world with a mission of desert conservation through preservation, education and appreciation. The immersive botanical gardens include geographic replicas of areas as diverse as Baja California’s Viscaino Desert and the exotic deserts of Madagascar.

Sunnylands Center and Gardens

While tickets to tour the main house at Sunnylands require reservations many weeks in advance, touring the 9 acre gardens and estate grounds can be done anytime during operating hours without advance tickets.  With over 70 species of native and arid-adapted plants from around the world, this estate and its gardens are one of the crown jewels of the Coachella Valley.  Free public programs and garden tours are offered regularly.  And don’t forget to enjoy lunch in their café!