Windmill Tours in Palm Springs

There are few welcoming parties more iconic than the sight of massive windmills leading you into Palm Springs along Interstate 10. Palm Springs Windmill Tours takes you behind the fences of their private grounds to get up close and personal with some of the 2,100 wind turbines producing enough energy to provide for the entire Coachella Valley. 

The two-hour tour begins with a brief overview of the history of wind energy and the wind farm itself, before stepping outside to see up close the intricate pieces making up the turbines. Afterward jump aboard their luxury tour bus, making multiple stops throughout the property, one of which provides spectacular views overlooking the wind farm towards the East (not to mention the photo-ops!).

The tour wraps up with a stop at The Windmill Market, where you can enjoy the gardens and the valley's best date shake. One final stop at the base of the valley's largest turbines allows you one more up-close look at the 14,000 lbs. of blades spinning at a staggering height of 290 ft. above the ground.

As an effort is made globally to reduce human impact on the environment, Palm Springs Windmill Tours provides some incredible insight into what steps are being taken to progress in the renewable energy field, all while guiding you across some of the most stunning landscapes California has to offer.

Tours daily all week.
$52 per person